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How to Research and Compare Local Moving Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area

When it comes to selecting a professional moving company for your upcoming move, do your research. While one can typically find information on national providers easily, it can be tougher to find information about your local moving companies. A highly rated national moving company might not necessarily offer the best service or prices in the Bay Area.

Know What You’re Looking For

List your non-negotiables are early on so that you don’t waste any of your time researching San Francisco Bay Area local moving companies that can’t meet your needs. Most companies will share information about their transportation area and capacity right on their websites, so you should be able to save yourself a lot of effort by ensuring that companies check off those key boxes before dedicating any more time to the task.

Look at Reviews

Reviews are a terrific place to start. The experiences of people who have used a local moving company in the past are a treasure trove of how you can expect to be treated. Yelp is the biggest and most trusted review site. Also, check out reviews through other reliable sources like Google and Facebook. Pay attention to what people are saying in terms of those things that are important to you, such as reliability, ease of scheduling, pricing, and quality of service. If a company doesn’t meet your needs and expectations based on the reviews you read, cross them off your list of potential hires.

Get Quotes

Obviously, your budget is a major factor when you’re researching and comparing local moving companies, so we recommend getting quotes from at least three different movers. Prices can vary widely, even among companies serving the same geographical areas. And since pricing for each move is unique, you’ll always be better off reaching out for a quote directly instead of trying to parse together cost information from what’s available on a company’s website. Keep in mind that while cost is key, it shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing among local moving companies. Pay attention to pricing structure (hourly versus by the job), as well as what else is included in the quoted estimate (does the quote include usage of moving pads/blankets and wardrobe boxes? Packing services and the packing materials? Any hidden fees?) After gathering that info you’ll be able to narrow your list down even further into local moving companies that offer you not just the best price but the best value. Note that with all moving companies, quotes are just estimates and are not necessarily the exact price that you’ll pay come moving day. They should provide a general baseline however that you can use when selecting your best option.

Book Your Service

After finishing the steps above you should have the name of a company that you want to move with. It’s time to check their availability and book their services. If you have a few companies that fit the bill, contact all of them to check availability and any other factors that you are unclear on. If you have flexibility with your moving date, definitely let the company know that. Often, some dates and times are cheaper than others and they may be able to offer you an even better rate if you’re open to a range of available time slots. Following these steps and advice will help ensure that you hire a moving company that won’t just get the job done for a reasonable price but will get the job done correctly.

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